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Hearing help for iPhone & Co
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TFA-Joint Time-frequency analysis


IND offers individual software solutions according to your ideas, your specifications and in case they are not perfectly defined: with technical common sense. Frequently projects come from the fields:


So called eye diagram: The opening of the "eyes" is a degree for the signal transmission quality.

Common software development for PC-systems, written in C and C++
Software for digital signal processors and microcontrollers (Microchip)
Software for simulation in the fields of research and development

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Hearing help for iPhone & Co "hearing help" is a new product for iPhone & Co that serves as hearing aid and hearing training and is also destined for prophylaxis against tinnitus.


Hearing Corrector Correction of Hearing Loss, Klangkorrektur bei Hörfehler


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TFA-Joint Time-frequency analysis To gain deeper insight into the frequency characteristic of signals the Discrete Fourier transform (DFT) today surely is one of the most frequent and in all fields of Digital Signal Processing used...



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Hearing Aid

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