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At the moment this site presents only a subset of IND's topics. Please feel free to visit the german site http://www.ind-technik.de for more information.


Ingenieurbüro für Nachrichten- und Datentechnik

- Innovative development - research - software - hardware - analog and digital signal processing -


In cooperation with several specialised partners of several disciplines IND offers comprehensive engineering services not only to technical oriented customers (e.g. speech linguistics, climate research) in overall fields of activity:


( Spectrogram of a communication signal)

development software
Digital Signal Processing
system- and facility design
development hardware


In the past conducted projects prove that the width of supply does not have to disagree to the grade of qualitiy. Far from it!: The universal orientation does help in principle to take into account the oblique aspects adjacent fields.

Please simply tell us your topic for an individual elaboration with a submission of an approach for your concern - the first step to a generative collaboration!


And along the way: At both IND-offices all electric equipment is powered with renewable energy since more than 15 years. Furthermore this online presence is CO2-free, because according to his statement the internet provider (Strato) powers the servers regenerative as well.


Enzian, Mittenwald

Please note:

This EU-site offers only a small assortment of the IND's range of articles. Please feel free to look upon http://www.ind-technik.de to get more information, even though it is presented in german. By and by more content will be placed at this EU-site in english language.

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