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TFA-Joint Time-frequency analysis

Is the frequency supposed to be the same frequency that I currently hear or another frequency that masks the tinnitus?
What is the duration of a treatment unit and how often should I practice?
Music piece necessary to get the reprogramming benefits, or just the sounds of nature?
How long does it take to get to the point of habituation? By the way, this is a very nice product and my experience has been great so far.
Relaxation music from my own archive as background music. Is it possible to mix relaxation music that comes from my own archive and use it as background music?
I have difficulties to find my tinnitus frequency.
Can I set the tinnitusfrequency and -volume more precisely than with the sliders?
Tinnitus tone in the background ? When playing the sounds am I supposed to hear the tinnitus tone in the background or not, or should it be completely masked ? Thanks and well done for this product. ...
Should I use tinnitus help even if my tinnitus got much better or does the brain store the new situation?
Completely deaf in on ear and have Cicada-tinnitus: I'm completely deaf in the left ear by an accident, because the nerve has been damaged. But I still have a Cicada-like tinnitus.
Very strong fluctuating tinnitus: I've been using since yesterday Tinnitus Help app and think the idea behind it wonderful. However, I suffer from a very strong fluctuating tinnitus, which is constantly changing. Therefore, I do not know if I ever need to change my settings?
Is Tinnitus help an app that is on the current state of scientific Tinnitus Therapy? Because for new auditory training the tinnitus frequency is filtered out, and not mixed to ...?


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