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What is the new 'Dimmer'-button for?

Many patients use tinnitus help before going to sleep. The brightness of the screen my be unfavorable in a dark environment. The Dimmer-button reduces the emitted light. Note: The Dimmer is only available if tinnitus help is running in a timed mode (15 min./30 min./60 min./endless).


Dimming the screen ... while tinnitus help is in playback mode.

How do I change the app's language?

Please close down tinnitus help. If you use a multitasking operating system like iOS 4.x on your device please be shure that the app is not running in the background.
Please (re-)start tinnitus help.
Press on the tinnitus help icon at the bottom of the bamboo-picture (see left view below).
Then there will appear a view with two flags, an english and a german one. Please press on one of it, the flags and the language will toggle.


Free changing of the apps language. Default language is english.


Setting the language: Press on the "tinnitus help"-icon (left view) and choose the laguage at the start view by pressing a flag.


This setting is stored automatically. You only have to do this once.

The default language is English.

If you wish to change the language any time later, please close tinnitus help and start it again to pass the start view above. There you may change the language as descibed above.

Why does my iPhone produce a grumbling sound ...

.... if I set a tinnitus-frequency to 10.998 Hz and push the "double frecuency"-button?

If you double a frequency that is about 11 kHz, the result will be a frequency that is about 22 kHz. Most people do not hear such high frequencies. But the iPhone will generate it anyway and if you do increase the volume the iPhone will overdrive and this results in a hearable sound. So please:
- reduce the volume and
- reduce the frequency to match your range of audibility

Is 'tinnitus help' runable on an iPod touch 32 GB?

Yes, of course!

Does 'tinnitus help' manage multitasking and the..

... sleep mode?

Yes, tinnitus help features full multitasking and the sleep mode. But this depends on the operating system (iOS) you are running on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Only devices with iOS 4 and higher do know multitasking.

But remember: Tinnitus is a distress that often has to do with stress when many tasks have to be performed the same time - that's sometimes life. A multitasking OS like the new iOS 4 may be very useful but it does not charge a tinnitus treatment if all other things are going on. So find a calm moment to come in tinnitus help.

What ist the "L+R"-button for?

Tinnitus help can be adjusted for left and right ear independently. But if tinnitus patients perceive the same noises on both sides, the setting of tinnitus help is more easy if the sliders for left and right are linked together. The linking is switched on by pressing the "L+R"-button that turns from grey to blue then and vice versa.


Linking left and right channel-sliders together: Blue (On) or Grey (Off)

What is the purpose of the 6dB-Slider?

If you need to control the master volume (the sum of all mixed sounds) more precisely as it can be done with the iPhone's/iPod's/iPad's hardware switch this 6-dB-slider can be used. So there is no need to de- or increase the volume of all mixed sounds to get the optimum master volume of the mix. (+ 6 dB means a multiple of 2.)


Fine tuning of the master volume: De- or increase the volume from a half to double volume.

Relaxation music from my own archive as ...

... background music.

Is it possible to mix relaxation music that comes from my own archive and use it as background music?

Yes, this is possible since version 1.21 published in August 11. But try the built in music files. They are composed and produced especially for tinnitus help and successfully approved for many years.

Are Updates free and how to manage this?

Yes, of course! Doing an update is simple: Visit the app shop, log in, download the new version and synchronize your device. That's all.

Can I set the tinnitusfrequency and -volume ....

... more precisely than with the sliders?

Yes you can:

To increase or decrease the tinnitusfrequency just press on the plus- or minus symbol left to the frequency slider.

Pushing the speaker-plus or speaker-minus symbol will increase respectively decrease the volume.


Setting the tinnitus frequency and volume: Quick via the sliders, more precisely with the plus- and minus symbols.

Plans to make a Microsoft-Mobile app?

Hello, any plans to make "Tinnitus Help" a Microsoft-Mobile app? If not, please consider doing so. I would buy it! Thanks.


Yes, there are plans for an app for Microsoft Mobile devices. In the meanwhile you can try the PC-version. This allows you to produce quite the same individual sound mixes that then can be played on other mobiles like Microsoft Mobiles and mp3-players. Languages are English and German again.
You can get it
* at the german IND-shop (see ) or
* via email. We will inform you how to purchase a licence.

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