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New: Tinnitus Help for Android

Since October 2015 "Tinnitus Help for Android" is available.

In the actual version V 1.1 devices with Intel processors are not supported. This comes in a later version.

'Tinnitus Help Android' - eight programmes in one.

After the successful start of Tinnitus help for iPhone, iPod and iPad in 2010 and the start of Tinnitus help for PC in 2011 and the start of Tinnitus Help for Mac in August 2013 we were overwhelmed with inquiries about a version for other systems.
Since October 2015 the software is now available for Android devices. In principle functions and features do not differ from the other versions, so it shall be pointed to the section Tinnitus help for iPhone & Co .

Languages: English + German

Tinnitus help The ultimate application for tinnitus affected persons.


English: tinnitushelp_manual_android_en.pdf
German: tinnitushelp_manual_android_de.pdf

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The sections

FAQ - Therapy and

FAQ -Technics (no entries yet)

list frequently asked questions sent to the tinnitus help customer support Contact and the answers.
Please have a quick look across those entries before contacting the support. But if your question is not among them, please feel free to contact us. You are welcome! Depending on the time and the weekday an email-respond typically needs minutes or hours.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about hearing help and the using of the app.

How to purchage 'Tinnitus help for Android' ?

The Software is sold via your Google Play Store:


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