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Some Customer Reviews for tinnitus help

Dear tinnitus help users ....

... thank you very much for your reviews. We are very glad that tinnitus help is helping you to relief your tinnitus.

We also post your comments here to show other persons concerned an alternative way out. If you do not want to be cited here anymore, please send a short message and our postmaster will remove your entry at once. Thank you!

Geehrte Anwender von tinnitus help ....

... vielen Dank für Ihre Rezensionen. Wir sind sehr glücklich, dass tinnitus help Ihnen hilft, Ihren Tinnitus zu heilen.

Wir drucken Ihre Kommentare hier auch, um anderen betroffenen Menschen einen alternativen Ausweg zu zeigen. Wenn Sie hier nicht mehr zitiert werden möchten, senden Sie uns bitte eine kurze Nachricht, wir werden Ihren Eintrag dann unverzüglich löschen. Danke!

Reviews of the day / Rezensionen des Tages

Professionally made app - Better to spend 11 quid on a really good app than buy 7 crap and cheap ones. This app is well made, although not quite sure how high how I am supposed to set the tinnutus replicator. Should it be barely audible or not at all? That said, i really enjoy the sounds of nature and coild easily listem to tjem all day long. I will need to discipline myself to defocus from my tinnitus, which is going to be the difficult part. Well done to the makers.

Weg mit dem Tinnitus - Sehr gute App. Sie gibt mir Kraft meinen Tinnitus in den Hintergrund zu rücken! Sehr entspannend! Herzlichen Dank!

Real Tinnitus help (in my situation at least). Since 4 years i suffer from - what I understand from other sufferers- a mild case of tinnitus. Mostly in the higher ranges I experience this annoying tone. I use Tinnitus Help on a daily basis on my iphone(1/2 hour) and my tinnitus problems have almost gone! At first I had some dizziness and a heavy stomach but this was soon over. Using the software takes some time but now I even mix with my favorite music.

E-Mail of the day / E-Mail des Tages

The previous e-mail I send to you was from Juli last year.
Now I am 6 months further and I would like to give you a small update;
My Tinnitus is much more acceptable and I’m not thinking of it 24/7.
Today I went to the Hearing center ( Adelante ) in Hoensbroek
They did several tests and my Hearing loss/damage ( left ear everything
above 8500 HZ ) is still the same but the Tinnitus level much more
I explained to them what great help the “Tinnitus Help” app was/is, I
even gave them a demonstration of it and the audiologist was very
Your App helps as a tool for accepting Tinnitus, and if it helps me then
most certain it will help others with the same symptom.
I’m still grateful towards you for developing this app, that’s why
everyone should know about the existence of it.
I cannot thank you enough
Keep up the good work.

Customers about tinnitus help - Nutzerstimmen

More reviews ... / mehr Rezensionen

More Reviews ... / mehr Rezensionen

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