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Hearing Help

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* Hearing Help
* How hearing help works
* Some sreenprints from the iTunes store
* Operation manuals
* FAQ - Questions, answers and information
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Hearing Help

Hearing help is a new product for iPhone & Co that serves as hearing aid and hearing training. It is also destined for prophylaxis against tinnitus.

The app can only be purchased in your iTunes store, for example:


Other iTunes stores are available by simply changing the country code behind ""

How hearing help works

Hearing help is a powerful program that is intended as a hearing aid as well as for ear training.

Hearing help strengthens the microphone signal of your iPhone, iPod or iPad and processes it in a way that individual hearing deficiencies are corrected as best as possible. For this purpose, hearing help includes the following modules:

Picture: Hearing help: - Hearing aid and hearing training for iPhone & Co

The sound processing is done almost in real time without disturbing echoformation.
The filtering is absolutely linear phase using a modified proprietary algorithm (patent DE4224842A1, Peer Dahl).

Some sreenprints from the iTunes store

See all screenprints in the Operation manuals .

Operation manuals

Please read one of these manuals before using the app.


PDF-version, to view this you need an acrobat reader:

operationhearinghelp.pdf [993 KB]

HTM-version in english, to view this you need an internet browser:

operationhearinghelp.htm [105 KB]


PDF-Version, hierfür benötigen Sie das Programm "Actrobat Reader":

bedienunghearinghelp.pdf [874 KB]

HTM-Version, hierfür benötigen Sie einen Internet Browser:

bedienunghearinghelp.htm [96 KB]

FAQ - Questions, answers and information

The section Questions, answers and information lists questions sent to the hearing help customer support Contact and the answers.
Please have a quick look across those entries before contacting the support. But if your question is not among them, please feel free to contact us. You are welcome! Depending on the time and the weekday an email-respond typically needs minutes or hours.

Picture: FAQ - Frequently asked questions - about hearing help and the using of the app.

Some Reviews / Einige Rezensionen

Picture: Reviews/Rezensionen - about 'hearing help'

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