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Don't miss an online auction anymore!

Do your know this?
Using a software program, an internet site or others your are only one click far-out the aim, but you don't want to spent your time in front of the PC waiting for it? Then GhostyClick is comfortble: Only setup the click-time and move the mouse to the button that has to be pressed in future, GhostyClick will press the button with the precision pf portions of a second.
An online auction does no longer collide with going to theatre, the cinema or a homelike dinner. Afterwards GhostyClick shuts down the PC if you want (power saving!).

Follow this link for a free of charge* download of GhostyClick : ghostyclick.exe [823 KB]

(* If you use GhostyClick regulary please contribute towards the local animal protection fund at one's own discretion.)

Picture: GhostyClick: - The deciding click in time.

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